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One old priest's great message

Posted by feedmindanaochildren on August 16, 2011 at 5:05 PM

My wife Jeanny, my two year old son Thomas Albert and I are here in Cape Canaveral, Florida.  I attended Catholic services at a local church in Cocoa Beach this Sunday where I listened to a 75 year old visiting priest from New Orleans give a passionate sermon on how we treat immigrants in the US.  He stressed that immigrants don't want handouts, they want work....He also reflected on the Great Depression and how there were signs posted "Help wanted, Italians and Polish need not apply"....and he stressed that he feared things were heading that way politically again in this country.  He reminded us that Jesus would want us to help immigrants in any way we can by volunteering in any way possible..

I noticed that one man left in the middle of the sermon and I thought perhaps he had gone to the restroom (CR) but the man never returned so I assumed he did not agree with the message that the old priest was giving.

At the end of the lengthy sermon I wanted to applaud but knew it was inappropriate...however, the woman in the pew behind me, which was the last pew in the church, began to applaud.  She was the only one applauding so I joined her in the applause.  I saw several people turn around and look (rather sternly, I thought) at us...but then one by one I heard others joining in the applause until about half of the congregation was applauding the old man's message.

I stayed after the service to talk to the priest and it turns out that he is good friends with a Monsignor friend of mine in Miami. 

As I walked away I thought about what had just happened.  It was obvious that, even inside that one church, there was mixed feelings about what that old priest was saying which shows how divided the country is on the issue of immigrants.

I made sure to thank the woman who sat behind me for having the courage to start applauding and that I had wanted to but thought it might be inappropriate.  She said "Sometimes you have to do the right thing even if it's inappropriate."   How true that is.

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