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Hidden blessings

Posted by feedmindanaochildren on June 6, 2012 at 11:05 AM

We found out last month that my wife, Jeanny, is expecting another child.  This was not something that we had planned and actually had been very careful without reverting to any form of birth control except for using the Rhythm system.

Our first born, Thomas Albert. was born in the Philippines in 2009 and the cost of the natural delivery was about $100.  It came as quite a shock as to what the cost will be for the delivery of our second child, considering we have no health care (I am covered by the Veteran's Administration but it does not cover my wife or son).  But I know that if God leads you to it then God will get you through it.  He tests our faith at times.  Add to that the fact that Jeanny is having a very difficult pregnancy in terms of morning sickness.  She had one very difficult night in which she threw up the entire night.  The doctor said that if it happens again that she must go to the hospital for an IV.  Out of curiosity I asked what the cost of that might be (in order to prepare)...and was told it would cost about $1,000.00.  .....And I thought bottled water was expensive.

So anyone reading this, I'd appreciate you taking a moment and praying for Jeanny and the baby expected to arrive December 21st, 2012 (we were thinking of calling her Mya, if a girl, since she is expected to arrive on the day the Mayan calendar ends...but we decided that Gabriella is a much more Christian name after the Arch Angel Garbriel).

But whenever I get anxious about the coming event, I look at how blessed I am that, at the age of 66 I am expecting my second child in 3 years after having been given 3 months to live in 2004 when I was diagnosed with throat cancer.  God has truly performed miracles in my life.

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