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Posted by feedmindanaochildren on May 8, 2012 at 7:40 PM

Everyone wonders why bad things happen to good people and everyone has a belief as to why it happens.  My personal belief is that, like Job of the Old Testament, our faith is tested.  We can wonder why someone so very needy doesn't buy the winning lottery ticket while someone very wealthy wins the lottery.  I believe that we aren't aware of what temptations may come with winning the lottery.  You might be in a very happy marriage but having financial struggles and winning the lottery would solve all your problems....but it may also bring many temptations that could destroy your spiritual well being.

I have had a somewhat sad, yet very enlightening experience in my campaign to raise funds for EmEm, whose picture of her deformed back appears on this website.  I reached out to many of  my associates and friends from my past and my present.  In one particular case my wife and I  had taken care of one wealthy couple's children while they had enjoyed their date night.  The children enjoyed it so much that they asked to stay the weekend, then another, and another....about ten weekends in all. We did not ask for any renumeration or even for reimbursement for money spent on the food for them.  We were happy to do it and we enjoy the children.

That is why I was surprised when they declined to contribute toward Em Em's operation when I reached out to them.  We were given excuses about the expense of the new half million dollar house they had just purchased as well as other expenses.

On the other end of the spectrum there were a few friends from my past, who had not heard from me since I had gone to the Philippines.  A couple of them I knew were not doing so well financially but I included them in the email I sent out to many.  Ironically these were the very people who contributed what they could.  Just like the Widow's Mite from the Bible, their gift was so greatly appreciated.

I am certain that things happen for a reason and if one small event happens in your life it has a ripple effect.  I think about my dog, BB, who I loved so very much and who passed away in 2007 when I was in Hong Kong for three months.  As many times as I had taken him to the veteranian for checkups, they had never detected that he had cancer.  I loved that dog so very much and cried many nights after he died.  Had he lived he would be 13 years old today.  But I would not have gone to the Philippines.  I would not have started the ministry.  I would not have met my wife and I would not have, Tom, my 2 year old son, nor would I be expecting our second child due in December.

So although I may not win the lottery and I may not be able to open an orphanage in Mindanao this year or next, I know that God looks out for my spiritual well being while testing my faith every now and then with trials and tribulations.

God bless.

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